Kiru: Making Superfoods through Sustainable Agriculture

“Millets may be small in size, but they have the potential to create a significant impact on our health, the environment, and our future.” Kiru, the first and only farmer-made millet snack company, has been committed to this philosophy from day one. We strive to protect our environment at every step we take. Millet, also […]

The Story of Millet Snacks in Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine boasts a diverse array of millet-based snacks and recipes. In the southern states of India, ragi mudde, a staple dish made with finger millet flour, is relished with spicy curries and gravies. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, jowar and bajra rotis are popular bread options, while in Rajasthan, bajra khichdi and laddoos are enjoyed […]

Millet Magic: Why Everyone Should Try Millet Snacks every day!

Are you in search of a nutritious snack option that can boost your cognitive function and provide sustained energy throughout the day? Look no further than Kiru’s Millet Snacks! These delectable treats are crafted from one of the world’s most underrated superfoods: millet. Millet has been a dietary staple in various cultures for centuries, owing […]

Kiru’s Millet Snacks: The Brain Food for Indian Working Class

India is a diverse country with people from various socio-economic backgrounds. The working class comprises individuals who earn wages or salaries through labor, rather than relying on investment income or wealth. This group includes blue-collar workers, such as those in factories, construction, and manual labor, as well as service sector employees like retail staff, restaurant […]

Kiru’s millet snacks: Changing the Snacking Game in Modern India

India has long been renowned for its diverse cuisine and culinary heritage. However, in recent years, the snacking habits of the country have undergone a significant transformation. With the adoption of busy lifestyles and hectic schedules becoming the norm, an increasing number of individuals are resorting to unhealthy fast food and processed snacks for quick […]

A guide to pairing millet snacks with other foods and drinks.

If you’re seeking a snack that is both delectable and nourishing, look no further than Kiru millet snacks. Kiru currently stands as the leading millet snack company in India, offering delicious and nutritious snacks crafted from millet grains. Kiru snacks not only deliver incredible taste but also pack essential nutrients for optimal body functioning. Millet, […]