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Aditya KrishnaChennai, TN
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I love the taste of Kiru snacks, and I feel good about eating something healthy and natural.
Keerthi H LMysuru, KA
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Kiru crunchies are my new favorite snack, they're so tasty and I love that they're made with 100% Millets
Shwetha BhaatMangalore, KA
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Kiru chikkies are the perfect snack for me, they're sweet and satisfying and I love that they're made with natural ingredients.


Kiru’s Cashew Nut Millet Cookies is a carefully crafted using a blend of nutritious ingredients, ensuring a delightful healthy snack that caters to all age groups.

About Our Kiru Cashew Nut Millet Cookies

Ideal for those pre-lunch cravings or evening munchies, our Cashew Nut Millet Biscuits are made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. This makes them a guilt-free option for both children and adults, perfect for any time of the day.

High Fiber Magic: Enjoy the benefits of high fiber with each biscuits, contributing to a digestive-friendly snacking experience that aligns with your wellness goals.

Perfect Baby Biscuits: Thoughtfully crafted to be suitable for babies aged 6 to 12 months and these cookies make for an ideal introduction to the world of nutritious and delicious snacking.

Kiru’s Cashew Nut Millet Cookies are a versatile delight. From baby biscuits for 6 months to high-fiber treats for adults, this pack caters to a spectrum of preferences, promising an experience that transcends age.


Healthy For You-
No maida biscuits | Eggless | These millet biscuits are100 % suitable for vegetarians. A powerhouse of essential nutrients in every bite.

Healthy Ingredients-
Wholesome blend of millets and natural goodness for nutrient-packed, guilt-free indulgence in every bite. Jowar flour, Kodo Millet Flour, Sugar, Cashew

For Kids And Family-
We offer healthy snacks for both kids and adults. These millet cookies are post workout snacks, office snacks, or mid day snacks. Our healthy & tasty millet cookies are made with natural ingredients. This makes them perfect healthy snacks for kids, as a tiffin box snack.

Gluten Free-
Millet biscuits for your guilt free snacking experience throughout the day with wholesome ingredients, and health-conscious snacking with Kiru!

Versatile Snacking-
Whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go, our Cashew Nut Millet biscuits are a convenient and tasty snack option for any occasion.

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"I absolutely love Kiru's millet cookies! They are tasty, satisfying, and made with healthy ingredients. Highly recommend giving a try. You will feel the taste."

Pooja Agarwal Indore, India

"Kiru's millet crunchies are the perfect snack for when I'm on the go. They are crispy, satisfying, and packed with nutrition. I always keep a bag in my bag for emergencies!"

Sanjana H Mysore, Karnataka

"Millet peanut chikkies are my new favorite snack! I love that they are made with wholesome millet and are a healthier alternative to traditional chikkis."

Pawan Kuamr Hydrabad, India